I can't write or draw but I figure I like doing both so I might as well go for it.

naked - 16/07/12

Just a note: this is the first time I’ve drawn a naked body so. Yeah. Be kind. She didn’t turn out like I planned but she’s still beautiful to me, I guess.

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gurls - 16/07/13

I drew my first ever naked girl.

She turned out like a thousand times skinnier than I initially planned.

Mainly because I don’t know how to draw boobs.

Boobs are really hard.


lilly - 13/07/12

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karen - 13/07/12

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giulia - 13/07/12

jillian - 13/07/12

i won’t - 13/07/12

wishes - 13/07/12

fickle heart - 13/07/12

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